Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BAGAKOAA Oct 28,2009 Stop it, it hurts so good


Oct 28, 2009 Stop it, it hurts so good.

Another stop triggered this morning.  The deep ocean driller RIG, eroded on the commodity weakness.  I am out with 3.5% in my pocket.  When the dust clears, I will be back in.  I also got caught in a sell off of SQM.  I am down 1.2% on that trade.  Again, I will be back in very shortly.

I hope I get a holiday card from Charley Schwab, he is the only one making any money this week.  MMMMMM  schw at 17.50 a share?

I also took myself out of a Chinese Pharma TPI.  There trade was so small that stops would have taken me out anyway.  I Took a 17.4% hit on that stock.  Very small dollar, but I am ashamed of the percentage loss.  I’ll be drinking cheap single malt tonight.

On the bright side, my prediction of 9527 by years end is looking brilliant.  Who needs money when you got brilliance?  I am down a lot more than the general market with most of my hits in tech oil and commodities.  A lot of work to do tonight.

Salve Lucrum



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