Wednesday, October 21, 2009

BAGAKOAA October 21, 2009 EBAY and Beige book


October 21, 2009 EBAY and Beige Book

Just a quick heads up as there is a lot to report about the last day or so.  I got stopped out of a couple of positions and took some profits.  I will be doing some reading tonight and find relevant stuff, but first I am going out and playing 9 holes of golf and have a glass a wine with my buddy.  Then I’ll look into the Beige Book release today and confirm that the good news is really good news about the economy.  Also I will look into why Ebay got kicked in the PE ratio today.  Lost of reading tonight.  Plus I am still plugging away at Cramer’s new book Getting Back to Even.  AND thanks to Cramer and Monday nights show, he suggested reading the SEC Formal Charges against Galleon Management LLP.  It is 34 pages longs and gives insight into what happen but also explains some to the tells the big boys use to know want might be happening with a stock, when the don’t have the benefit of insider information.  The link to download the complaint is attached.

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