Thursday, October 15, 2009

BAGAKOAA October 15, 2009 Late Night


October 15, 2009 Late Night

Hope you got to see tonight's Mad Money.  Besides a teaser for his new book, Getting Back To Even, Jim was on fire tonight.  He lambasted two stocks he has been hawking since April.  JNJ and YUM.  They both reported this week and Cramer got sucked in by the "beat expectations" report.

Please get on iTunes and download this segment as it is one of the best explanations of how to read through and listen through an earnings report and see the truth and not the media sound bites.  This is the type of homework he keeps talking about when owning a stock.  He says sell, sell sell ,on both equities.

Recall, I stopped out of YUM after collecting it for 3 months and took my 8% hit and walked away.  I got out in early September.  Jim is recommending MCD.  A week ago I told you I was selling MCD short.  I just put in a limit buy out of the short position.  I will take another look at MCD Long, though at 58, it looks more expensive than it did a week ago.  I will let you know.

I should finish the valuations on the retails list I mentioned earlier this evening sometime tommorow.  I did add two new positions to my portfolio.

FLIR, hawked tonight on MAD Money.  It is not my usual style to jump in a Cramer rant the night he talks about it, but the fundies are sweet, the sector is hot, (Homeland Security) and the product are those cool night vision goggle and thermal imagining.  I am in a little until I can crunch all the numbers.  They report next week and itcould be exciting.

ADTN, Adtran is a designing, manufacturing, marketeting and servicing network access solutions for communications networks kinda company.  I got in Monday Night because of all the under the radar companies reporting on the 14th, I liked it the best.  Earnings beat estimates but not enough to get anyboday excited.  I wanted in below 25 and got a 24.48.  I am looking for a 30-31 for this Q1 2010.  I am out at, come on play along, tell me, thats right 22.50 and I go home.

Back to the Cramer book now.  Goodnight

Salve Lucrum


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