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BAGAKOAA Oct. 10, 2009 Cramer's Portfolio?


Oct. 10, 2009 Cramer's Portfolio?

Someone had asked about Cramer's Portfolio on  Here was the reply I posted.


You repeatedly tell us to not own more than 5-10 stocks, lest we become like a mutual fund. I was just curious, how many stocks do you have in your action alerts charitable trust portfolio? Is it like a mutual fund? If it is, why aren't you practicing what you preach? Is it because the trust has a lot more money in it than you think we have invested as individual investors, and you don't want too much money in any one stock?

Here is my answer:
Currently the portfolio has 30 holdings. He currently has about 22% return compared to the S&P of 17%. If you want to know more, I suggest you ante up and join and real money silver. Remember that he does have a staff of analyst whose only job is to review the numbers listen to the conference calls.

Also keep in mind that he has certain trading restriction on what he can buy and sell in relation to when he mentions his trades. Those restrictions would and probably does keep the charitable trust from taking advantage of many market opportunities. I have been “in the game” since 1985. When I first heard of Cramer, he drove me nuts and I wrote him off as some failed writer, failed law student, whose theatrics drove people to the show.  One day I heard him describe a very subtle but macro economically relevant upgrade in terms that made absolute sense. Jim is an intelligent intuitive trader/investor (as he tells us there is a difference), but that is probably not his strong point. He is a phenomenal educator. If you enjoy investing and want to get better, you would be a fool not to buy his books and watch his shows. Not for the stock tip, buthis reasoning in his decisions. So lighten up on the guy, besides he loves it when you pick on him, its like heroin to the guy. Just listen and learn.
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