Thursday, October 08, 2009

BAGAKOAA Portfolio update Oct 8 2009


Portfolio update Oct 8, 2009

AAPL is staying above the 190 mark making 200 look easy.  Anybodu note that Cramer’s target price of 265 got beat by Goldman Sachs 265.  Cute. 

GME had a nice little bump today as Wedbush Morgan see value in buying this.  The pool is getting pretty full as we have 16 or 17 analysts saying buy or better.  I have to thank my son for this one.  On the way to a GameStop store this summer he asked, “Dad does GameStop have one of those stock things?”  We had a great experience at the store and did my homework.  We got in at 20 in early July and have continued adding ever since.  Average price we bought at is 21.80.  It is currently 27 and I am looking for 30 by years end.  Please do your homework.  I recommend listening to the last earning conference call.  It is available at Yahoo Finance.  I will not be adding right now as I have a fairly strong position on the stock.

VALE has had a nice few days.  I mentioned this in July and added some in August.  I was a little early on a recovery play with this Brazilian Miner  I got in at an average price of 19.50.  I would add to this if I had the cash, but need to take some profit elsewhere this weekend and might increase my position on Tuesday.  As the dollar continues to drop demand for their industrial commodities kick in, this has the making of a 40 dollar stock by the end of 2010.  Do you homework and look at the 2010 estimates.

GS in my son’s portfolio is up 75%.  I keep moving the stop and the stock keeps going up.  His portfolio is up 34% YTD.  My Daughters is up only 13%.  This could turn out to be a great sibling rivalry some day.  I don’t own it as I got out earlier this year after a 35% gain.

Today I am starting a position on CMN, Cantel Medical.  They report tomorrow and it MIGHT be good news.  I have a lot of homework to do on this one but the basic fundamentals look good.  LTD is a little higher than I like it but MAYBE tomorrow there will be some good news.  They are closely tide to flu and H1N1 issues.  I am in at 18.06 and will stop out at 16.75.  I am HOPING for an earnings report showing at least 30 cents a year making this a 24 dollar stock with little effort.  This is SPECULATIVE.  Be very very afraid!

Everything else I did this week you should know about if you look down this blog.  Added to HBAN, added to TLVT, added to GLW, added to ARMH.  And last but not least, I accidently bought a wrong stock.  Have you ever done that?  Never mind what I was going to buy, I ended up with a penny stock that I am going to keep just to remind myself of how stupid I can be, yes even dumber than the stock bet I made with you Ben.  The company is IJJ Corp. and they make high tech solutions for the government.  Their Fundamental SUCK, they are so small that they don’t even exists in most stock websites.  And I got a bunch of it at .008 a share.  That’s right below a penny.  This should be fun?  DO NOT BUY THIS DOG!

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