Tuesday, October 06, 2009



Oct 6 2009 PM update

YUM reported and while revenues were down 1.9%, profits blew away analysts consensus expectations by 18%.  (Cramer called this last Friday.  I did not play it.  I got out of YUM about 3 weeks ago after my 8% stop triggered.  Cramericans and readers of Baron’s drove this up Monday Morning from 33 to 35.  (Decent volume as well)  Year ending earnings per share will probably finish in the $2.12 range giving the stock a PE of about 16.4.  If you get up real early and nab it at the opening, you might make a point or two on the stock, but it should burst open tomorrow morning.  You might be better playing an option trade.  You can buy an Oct 16 2009 30.00 opting for 5.00.  It should jump tomorrow as well.  So you would be in the money at 36 a share which we should see tomorrow. So head over to Taco Bell, KFC, or A & W and think it over.  I am not getting in and will probably regret it

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