Friday, October 09, 2009

BAGAKOAA Oct 9, 2009 Weekly Rap


Oct 9, 2009 Weekly Rap

Ok another Friday.  The market has a holiday on Monday.  I will be spending some time cleaning up some positions, placing some protective stops and checking next weeks reporting calendar to where some bargains might be had Tuesday morning.  (Hint, check out INTC, I added to my position this morning.)

I also added to my CMN position this morning.  It had a decent earnings report, but it got hammered this morning.  The fundies still look good so I added.  Please do your homework.

I also Added to ARMH, that was the chip maker from the UK I spotted playing in the FTSE market.  The sector looks good for the next 6 months so I added.

My other actions have already been mentioned here in the week.  Please set your stops and protect these great gains we have been seeing. 

Salve Lucrum



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