Thursday, October 15, 2009

BAGAKOAA October 15,2009

BAGAKOAA October 15,2009


October 15,2009

Have you missed me?  Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple days, but (Behold the Underlying Truth), I have been reading Cramers new Book, Getting back to even.  It was like Christmas on Tuesday the hardback arrived at the house and by 6:00 PM I had the Kindle Version delivered.  I will finish it and give you the scoop.

There has been quite a few hours spent on researching retail stocks as well.  My buddy Ben has sent me an interesting list and I will be looking at that as well as other retail opportunities.  As I mentioned there were several strong retail reports this week.  People seem to be spending again, at least a little.  I will let you know how the analysis works out.  One of them I own and have mentioned several times is GME, Gamestop.  It is doing well but one of the directors sold 2.3 millions shares and it has everyone a little scattered.  I would take this as a buying opportunity.  This guy might want a house or have some tax issues.  The business model and fundamentals is still solid.

Lets see how I did on the reporting’s that came out this week as per my note from Tuesday.

WDFC, reported well and is up almost 4% since my note.  I did not buy this it just looked nice.

GWW reported a strong bottom line but weak revenues but the stock still came up,  It closed up another 2% today.  Get your stops in on this one.

HDB, got the bump I called as its up 6.25%.  I do not own this either.

ABT did beat the 90 cents a share they needed as they reported 92 cents a share.  It has had a nice 5.4% bumb since I posted the article.

And in closing, The department of Labor reported Consumer Prices and they are staying well below the Fed’s Inflation guidance figure of 2%, so there is little concern about them bumping interest rates.  In support of a flat inflationary period, The fed also let retirees know there will be NO COLA, we note talking beverages, here in 2010.  Another good sign they are not concerned about inflation.

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