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BAGAKOAA October 19, 2009 Late Night AAPL update


October 19, 2009 Late Night AAPL update

Well AAPL has reported. A 47 % increase in profit surprised even our boy Cramer. As he mentioned and I confirmed, there reports of shipping problems during the quarter, but Apple managed to sell a half a million more units than the same period last year. (CHU, China Unicom doesn’t even start selling them ti October 30, 2009). MAC Book Pros and MACs were selling off the shelf as well. This is one of those when you see it believe it stories. How many times in the last three months have you been at a Mall and the ONLY busy store in the mall was the Apple Store. The stock is up 14 points in after hour trading.

I am up 38.86% with AAPL and it is my largest holding. As a result of my long meandering rant about retailers over the weekend two of you asked how I am doing? Fair question. I am doing well. I’ve put on a few of the pounds that I recently lost, but I did have a great meal at Antanello’s on Friday. I am sure that is not what you meant. Bob asked me point blank to post my portfolio performance. Unfortunately, I would not feel comfortable doing that as it would disclose more personal information than I should.

Also, I have responsibility for 11 portfolios including friends and family. Each have different goals and timelines. They range from a low of about 7% YTD for my mother in law’s account to my son’s which is up 34% (yes Bob it went up again today) For my primary account I have seen 4% in realized gains and 15% in unrealized gains YTD. My Goal this year was a 15% return which doesn’t sound like much now, but that was in the dark scary pre March the 9th bottom of all recent bottom days. From time to time or upon request, I will be happy to let you know how I am doing in the primary account.

One last thing, on the 9th I mentioned CMN, Cantel Medical. It reported and I was hoping for a 30 cent a share earnings. It came in at 26 and the stock is getting whacked pretty good. I have pulled my stop and will be reading the 10K and then will listen to the earnings report. Sorry if you followed me on this, but I did indicate it was speculative. I’ll report back after I do more homework on its year end reports.

Tomorrow I will tell you about a smart grid play I am looking at. If you were watching Cramer tonight he mentioned. He did not even discuss the fundies which is a bit unusual.

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