Sunday, October 18, 2009

BAGAKOAA October 18 AAPL Alert


October 18 AAPL Alert

AAPL reports tommorow after the close of the market.  I have about 6 AAPL related blogs I follow.  On Friday's Mad Money, Cramer mentioned something I had heard but did not connect the dots.  There was a production issue on the iPhone over the last two months.  There was some small delivery issues, and this will impact the numbers being reported.  Cramer was warning that this could be a huge (5-10%) but temporary correction for the stock.  This is just a heads up in case, like me you have stop set that could be triggered.  I will probably cancel the stop and watch the stock.  Or move the stop up and take a ton of profits and reinvest in about 4 days after everything cools down?  What would you do?  Please don't answer if you are President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid.  You would want me to stop out and pay taxes on the huge gains.  let me know what you would do?

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