Thursday, October 22, 2009

BAGAKOAA Oct 22 2009 This BUDs not for you


Oct 22 2009 This BUDs not for you

Recently one of you asked me about HINKY, Heinekens.  It is interesting aht Cramer had done a segment about a month ago concerning the Beer wars and the consolidation in Brewer’s had lead to rpice increases.  That coupled with lower energy and commodity costs made the whole sector look interesting.  Well, after this request, I did some homework.

I looked at BUD, CCU, HOOK, TAP, SAM and few others and found a decent little brewer you might go kick the tires on.  OK with a market cap of almost 60 billion its not little, but ABV seems well positioned for higher prices, and is a bit more diversified that some other brewers.  They have other carbonated and un-carbonated drinks and they focus on the emerging markets of Brazil and Latin America.  They also are a major Pebsi Bottler.  Fundamentals are healthy and forward looking estimates at its current 20 times earning implies a 180 dollar finish line for this 95 dollar stock.  I will run it through the Cronin number Cruncher over the weekend, but any comments are welcome.

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