Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BAGAKOAA October 28, 2009 Oh Yes it's Buyin' Time Again


October 28, 2009 Oh Yes it's Buyin' Time Again

And the stops they keep a comin’, every minute of the day.

I got stopped out of a fairly heavy position on Corning and took a 4.7% hit.  I also got stopped out of a decent size position  in WU, Western Union. After taking a gain big enough to pay schwab and have a nice bottle of wine tonight.  The one that hurt was a good size position in Intel, which cost me 3.4%. 

As I  mentioned, I am going to ride the wave to shore and watch the next set to see what it might bring.  Everything I have stopped out of were solid promising equities and I will be back in may of them. 

I do have a new position in VZ, as mentioned I did buy more AAPL, GOOG and SQM.  I will be looking to increase again if this new homes consumer confidence bad news market keeps values down through out the day.  I am also initiating a position on GD.  I mentioned in a blog last week.  “GD is one of the most solid military contractors. I have not looked at their fundamentals in a while but back in may their margins we good and income and cans flow were good. Its EPS should improve and this has the makings of a 75-80 dollar stock assuming we get more assets into Afghanistan and Washing keeps its commitments to homeland security. There is a rule in DC right now. If you want to get re-elected support homeland security. Stop the stock at 60 ish and look to get out mid year 2010 at the 80-90 range.”

They reported a better than expected but lower profit this morning, yet the trade is down bumping a dividend yield close to 3%.  I like it and I am in.

Let’s see what the afternoon brings.

Salve Lucrum


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