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BAGAKOAA November 3, 2009 Putting the stocks to bed


November 3, 2009 Putting the stocks to bed

British Airways is playing down a possible crew strike.  An article in the WSJ mentioned this news about the fact a crew strike of British Airways crew might go on strike.  I have had a few chances to fly BA.  A strike might not be a bad thing.

The Unite Union might be doing the crew a favor getting a Holiday.  I remember that my BA fights were no full of cheery happy willing to go that extra STEP to help their customers crew.  I think they get their training from former AA crew members.  But I digress.

Anyway, the day was a great day.  I bought some more Jan $15.00 Ebay Options.  Added to my Intel position even though they are getting beat up in the press.  And color me stupid but I added to my already huge position in CHU.  This will go down as one of my greatest or dumbest positions.  Some of you remember be collecting GE stocks last September through March.  I kept buying all the way down.  Once I go my buck profit, I was out.  More about that later.  I bought another January 2010 165 call option for Priceline.  I am sucker for William Shatner, what can I say.  And feeling a little goofy today I added to a position on a penny stock SPNS, this is a risky speculative play, but I could not pick up lotto tickets today so this will satiate me.

Before I close and let you go to bed, one of our readers asked me about his big position in GE.  Well I say reader because he gets the e-mails, but if he was reading this blog he had a good idea how I feel about GE.  It is a great 7-8 dollar stock selling at 14.00 a share.  However, if you look at what is going on with NBC and Comcast, forgetting that if the deal is done it’s a debt on debt deal you can looking at a break up value of GE in the 22-26 dollars a share range.  It is the only thing positive I could say about GE.  I recommended they reduce there GE percentage from 50% to 10 % if they really like it.

I had a note from someone on Stockpickr.com ask me what made me think I was so smart.  I am not so smart, Right there under that gorgeous picture of me on this blog is not a disclaimer, but a true blue fact.  Here it is,

I am not a professional investment advisor. Anybody reading my blog and investing accordingly must be out of their minds. I have made more money than I have lost. There are many more qualified people than I to actually tell you how to invest your money.”

I am having a good time and making a couple of bucks.  I hope you are reading this because occasionally I share “Other’s” good idea in a cute and sometimes funny way.  Come on, the Yankee thing was cute and original.  Anyway this Stockpickr person asked what stocks I am doing well in.  Which is really kinda dumb as I could make up anything, but as of closing earlier today GLD my Gold ETF is up 13%, IBM has me up 18%, GSK is up 11% (Major kick this week because of the Lupus drug), a January $55.00 call on BP is up 44%, and my long position on the stock BP is up 11%.  My unrealized gain is 3.32%.  I did, as I mentioned, got stopped out of quite a few large profitable position last week.

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