Thursday, December 24, 2009

BAGAKOAA DEC 24, 2009 ‘Twas the night before Christmas


DEC 24, 2009 ‘Twas the night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the House,
Not a representative was stirring be they fair fellow or louse.

The Health Bill was sent to the Senate with Speed,
In the hopes that they’d pass it with without even a read.

The budget was bursting with stimulus galore,
but the Senate and Congress just cried out for more.

And Obama and his high hopes, and all of his deft,
Insisted on signage, there’s three days left.

So they ignored all the spending that kept us a live,
After all today the DOW hit ten thousand five.

To the State Dining Room Obama and Biden flew,
Mr. President with a red tie and Mr. Biden in Blue.

An epic struggle was settled at dawn,
Between Republicans and Dems the lines had been drawn.

A triumph for sure said Pelosi and Reid,
if not for the content, then perhaps for the speed.

Why read it, it’s long and full of technical terms,
It will keep interns busy as well as lobbying firms.

Just sign it and pass it by the end of the year,
It ain’t our money so why in the heck should we fear.

Then almost as if in the time of a blink,
The Mint used up a billion gallons of ink.

Printing the dollars as fast as they can,
If the paper runs out we’ll fill it again.

Geitner and Bernanke say not to worry,
The value of the buck will get a little blurry.

But after all, that is why there is Gold,
Instead of stocks and bonds and cash to hold.

Now millions will have insurance, affordable we hope.
It should help oh so many to cope.

If I have one wish on this Christmas Eve night.
Is that someone reads the Bill and that we got it right.


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