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BAGAGOAA Dec 7 2009 So what is the way out?


Dec 7 2009, So what is the way out?

Even though we had a good job loss report on Friday, the market did take off a little then stalled as Chairman Bernanke was careful not to describe an exit strategy of all the stimulus packages floating around.  He also gave no indication of any movement in interest rates.  So the market did not do a heck of a lot.

Friday I took some profit in Gold and today I actually pulled out of gold in a few portfolios.  There was a very bearish  technical article supporting a bearish move in Baron’s over the weekend indicating some retreat to the 1000 mark.

Back on the 18th this blog was suggesting another 7-11 % on the upside for GLD.  Since that 111 it hit 119, hey that’s 7%.  It is at 113 today.  I know at least two of you got out of gold today.  Can’t say I blame you.  This blog is going to play with the houses money now and put a stop in at 105 on all that is left.

I also had another bleeder, AAPL.  It would be easy to bore you with all the technco speak about 50 day averages and 200 day averages, but this stock has hit me pretty good and that ain’t good.  I am hanging with it.  I look at this as a buying opportunity.  If we had a wish it would be some better volume on the stock.  More players would help the stock up.  We won’t see much in the way of volume till after the Holidays.

Now I know you were all waiting to see what format I am choosing to do my stock homework.  Just a heads up, I looked at Google Finance, Rueters (The New Format), The (Including the subscription side Real Money), Baron’s (Subscription), Schwab, WSJ Online (subscription),, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, and Morningstar (premier subscription).  The winner was Morningstar Premier.  It had everything I needed and it was easy to use.  The premier subscription also had some nice research and analysts insights that were very helpful.

In the next day or so I will take the post the 29th and rewrite that post using the non-subscription side of Morningstar so you have a good map of how to evaluate a stock.  I am going to try it out tonight on a SPECULATIVE stock.

NEWN: New Energy Systems Group, formerly China Digital Communication Group, operates its business through its two wholly owned subsidiaries: Billion Electronic Co., Ltd. (Billion) and Galaxy View International Ltd. (Galaxy View). Through Shenzhen E'Jenie Technology Development Co., Ltd. (E'Jenie), the Company manufactures and distributes lithium battery shells and related products primarily in China. Based upon specifications from its customers E'Jenie develops, customizes and produces steel, aluminum battery shells and aluminum caps. As of December 31, 2008, E'Jenie produced 14 steel battery shell lines, nine aluminum battery shell lines, three aluminum battery cap lines and three steel battery cap lines.

I will kick the tires on the limited information available, but this is a 7.00 stock and it could be a lot of fun as auto related lithium batteries take off.  IT IS RISKY.

Let you know what I think.



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