Wednesday, September 22, 2010

21 September 2010 I was driving down the street . . .


21 September 2010 I was driving down the street . . .

Well I wasn’t, but my wife Devin was and at 8:30 am she had someone run into the back of her Escolade at 30 mph while she was almost at a complete stop. The front end of the big pick up truck that hit her was toast. The back door on the Escolade will never open again, but absorbed so much of the crash, we are all thankful. After an eTicket ride in an ambulance to the great people at Mission Hospital, Devin is resting almost comfortable with a concussion.

As such, I did not have much watch on the market today, but it does not look like I missed much. Volume stayed very light. From the little reading I did, there is still too much uncertainty and no one is making bold moves.

Last night I put a limit sale on a Janus Bond Fund and took a whopping 1.2% gain after 40 days. I did that to free up some cash as a result of our Illinois Tool Work call option execution.

We had suggested (One of our readers asked if I had a helper? Actually I have hundreds as I only regurgitate what I have read heard or researched over the course of a day. That coupled with all the voices in my head allow me the use of the Royal We as our reader surmised) that Adobe would beat, saying they would beat the .49 cent estimate by a Penney. They beat by a nickel, but got bitch slapped by the market for lowering their next quarter expectations. This, boys and girls, is evidence that the market rewards future growth and not performance.

With all of the personal excitement today, I am sending an abbreviated post tonight. Thanks you to a couple of my readers who have sent Devin and us kind thoughts for a quick heal to all the soft tissue that got ripped apart today. She will be sore in the morning.

Let me leave you with this. We are going to be kicking the tires on some of the growth and value stock in the Barron’s 400. We are headed into the next earnings season as Alcoa reports on October 7th. Help me out with the blog by sending me stocks you have or are looking at but need to have the tires kicked. Just send them to me at or use the comment button on the end of each post.

A couple of weeks ago we had a photo of President Obama talking to one of his advisors.  Does the guy on the right look familiar?
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