Tuesday, September 21, 2010

21 September 2010 A Kinder And Gentler Obama


21 September 2010 A Kinder And Gentler Obama

We had a busy day today with our real job as most of you do. We had Bloomberg on in the AM while prepping for meetings and fending of requests to support a plethora of political pundits need for funds. I honestly think we could go to a cocktail party and or dinner every weeknight for the next two months if I wanted to.

The market was looking for a reason to do something today. We suggested housing starts would be stronger than expected and they were. The .598 million homes starts was higher than the .550 expectation and our guess of .560. That should have sparked the market upwards, but didn’t. Like a giant grizzly bear getting ready for its long winter nap, the lethargy of this market is amazing.

Perhaps the gains from yesterday are being taken at the same time as the good news about housing. We’ll have to wait and see. The good news is the S & P remained above the 1130 mark, which should mean the big money boys aka the pit bosses of the Wall Street Casino and Spa, should be starting to put some money on the pass line. (Can you tell I spent 13 years in Las Vegas one night.)

So on a day like today with the little time we have tonight we could share a little wisdom (very little) or talk about wine. Yes its late and we had a couple of long meetings today and fund raiser so it a short post tonight. (Applause 2 3 4)

A grape by any other name

About a week ago I had the pleasure to try a great bottle of Brunello di Montalcino by Vitanza at, you guessed it, Hanna’s. This of course is a sangiovese grape and the vintage was a 2001. Hanna’s is a bit dark, but we could get the garnet to inky dark purple color. It clung to the glass just fabulously and was pleasantly chewy in the glass. I got some woody raspberry tastes, but not much of a nose. Someone mentioned raisin, but I did not get it. These are hard to find, but if you are serious about your Brunello’s this was a great example. Give it a try.
From the Pets at The White House Photo Gallery:

"First it was Rahm Emanuel, then it was Lawrence Summers, and today even Bo the President's Portuguese Water Dog is trying to flee the White House in a stolen Capitol Police vehicle."
Salve Lucrum


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