Thursday, February 11, 2010

BAGAKOAA Feb 11, 2010 No News is Good News. . . .


Feb 11, 2010 No News is Good News. . . .

Well sometimes good news is good news. The AAII, American Association of Individual Investors, (great website, great educational stuff, interesting stock screens etc.), released it weekly sentiment indicator and after 5 weeks of a bearish trend, there was a significant reversal. The bears still have it with a 41.9% compared to 36.8% who thing the bulls are the way to got, but that 36% is a 7% jump from last week. Individual investors apparently thin the 9 point correction in the S & P was the adjustment we all have been waiting for.

Since we are all just a bunch of monkeys in a casino, I can’t necessarily agree with the shift in attititude. We’ll see.

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