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BAGAKOAA July 15, 2009 (Reply to 7 07 post)

Reply to 7 07 post

Look at you telling me about INTCs good quarter numbers. I have been getting into INTC about three weeks ago. Its nice to see the pop. I got into it as they are going to be the leader with 3G hardware which is going to be huge over the next 12-18 months. Look at YUM as the dip today is a great buying op.

But you are right, the bump this morning is Intel related and all the other earnings scheduled to be released this and next week. There were better than expected losses at AMR and Altera, rumor of CIT getting bailed out again, the fall in factory production has slowed, and China having 2 trillion in assets to invest in more US bonds have all bolstered the markets.

There is still going to be a correction coming. This bump has no sound basis and there should be a retreat to 870-880 on the S&P and a drop to 7900 in the DOW.

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