Saturday, October 03, 2009

BAGAKOAA 9 4 2009 Final

September 4, 2009 As I indicated I would be doing some homework today and wanted to let you some actions I took. I increased our positions on GILD as my rating system has them as 94. IBD has them rated a 90. Besides the great funnies, this stock is well positioned for the H1N1 pandemic which we have to have now because the White House has sent out 41 million emails telling is we will have a pandemic. (GSK and RHHBY should benefit as well.) Anyway we added a bit more to the list. I also added some more SQM, a position I only started this Wednesday night. The more I read about this pick the more I like it. The plan will be to buy this in small increments over the next few weeks to test my theory about the attraction of Lithium. BTW there are a bunch of small Canadian stocks buying up land in Alberta where lithium is relative easy to find, or so they say. These are very speculative and I can not recommend any, but they are there for the strong of heart. Our AAPL position was expanded today as well. I Just like the company, I like their iTouch, I like their fundamentals and I think they will dominate in the 3G market in China. Except for a gold ETF (GLD) Apple is our largest holding. By “our” I mean all the portfolios under my watch at this time. I am back in RIG as of about noon today. The dollar will probably continue to weaken and commodities will continue to rise and oil will eventually be back to 70+ a barrel. All of this plus the BP find this week will help RIG. They can pay off their Long term Debt in about 2 and a half years which makes their balance sheet look sweet. It felt nice to take a little profit today on HON. Still like the equity, but we were up about 35%. I took us back down to our original buy in amount from late may early June. Remember I told you I tool a loss on VIFL earlier in the week. This was much more enjoyable. Still like the stock and recommend it. And next to lastly I added to MED and GME positions after reading their last quarter earnings report and checking the last set of fundamentals. IBD loves MED and Schwab does not rate it well. Analyst are mixed which means there is still room at the table. And lastly, I initiated a position on MRGE (Merge Healthcare Incorporated (Merge) develops medical imaging and information software solutions and delivers related services. The Company's solutions are designed to automate digital imaging workflow, which transforms the tasks associated with film-based images and paper information into computerized processes. It sells these solutions through two business units: Merge Fusion and Merge OEM. Merge Fusion sells directly to hospitals, imaging centers and specialty clinics located in the United States, sells directly and through distributors outside the United States, and also distributes certain products through the Internet via its Website. The Company's Merge OEM business unit primarily sells to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), value added resellers (VARs) and distributors located globally. As of July 14, 2009, Merge had acquired approximately 86% interest in etrials Worldwide, Inc. In September 2009, Merge completed the acquisition of Confirma, Inc.) I discovered it while researching MDRX. IBD had a poor rating on my Allscripts pick and they really like MRGE. Their fundamentals are sound and they have a decent balance sheet. They also play well in the vet market. God knows I’d like to get some of that money back. So now this time I mean it have a nice Labor Day Weekend. Remember a stock being cheap has nothing to do with its per share price. SALVE LUCRUM** Brian * New comers that means Boys And Girls And Kids Of All Ages ** New comers that is a rough translation from the Latin “Hurrah from Profit”


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