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20 January 2011 So Many Questions Google Has 67% of the Answers


20 January 2011 So Many Questions Google Has 67% of the Answers

Whacky day in the market. Didn’t watch it too closely today, but it was headed down even though we had some decent economic news. Yes we got the jobless claims and the housing figures correct. The Philly Fed number while positive was a little disappointing. We did expect to see the accum/dist rating from IBD to drop but it did not. This would be the third day of distribution (aka selling) in the market. Look for a down grade tomorrow.

Tell me, Hu are you? (Hu are you? Hu, Hu, Hu, Hu?)
'Cause I really wanna know (Hu are you? Hu, Hu, Hu, Hu?)

While we did not play in the market today, we did get a few moments to glean The Journal and IBD.

On page C 13 of Tuesday’s Journal there was a little article buried in the back of the Money and Investing section. China Net Seller of US Bonds. Now we would have thought that would have been big news and I quote: “China's appetite for Treasurys is closely tracked by market participants. There has been fear that should China sell Treasurys significantly, borrowing cost for U.S. consumers and business would jump, hurting the U.S. economy.” This trend should be watched very closely.

No I'm Sorry Hu, there must be a misunderstanding, I used to run the county but not any more.
 It was also interesting to note that CCB, China Construction Bank is opening an office in Manhattan to sell shares and launch IPOs to residents in NY.

And in an article about the IEA, The International Energy Agency (London), they are putting pressure on OPEC because global demand is increasing rapidly, noting that in November China broke the 10 Million Barrel a day threshold for the first time. Global usage estimated for 2011 is 89.2 million barrels a day. China is taking a bigger share everyday.

With those little sound bites and the concern they will be raising interest rates to cool off their in excess of 10% growing economy, should our little greenback be worried. I will let you decide. You might ask pensioners in California or Illinois what they think?

Yummy Yummy Yummy I Don’t Have Root Beer in My Tummy

Breaking news today, YUM brands is going to sell A & W and Long John Silvers to focus on Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut. My guess is a good move.

Irony at its best.

We are using our slowly shrinking bully pulpit to tell China how to manage their currency and threaten to impact trade is they don’t do something about human rights issues in the same week we eased travel and currency exchange transfers with CUBA. Raul Castro must be thanking his supreme being. We are now allowing a limited transfer of monies to CUBA. We hope the powers to be realize that non-black market us currency is subject to a 20% income tax for the receiver, plus an additional 10 % exchange fee, and most of the non-black market moneys are used to buy product at state owned stores. The easing should result in an additional 3.2 billion US dollars getting into the economy and most of that will end up in the Castro Regime.
"Big Deal Son, the dollar is worth diddly squat."

Oh Yeah Google

Google had 67% of all the internet searches in the month of December. If you were wondering, that would be a total of 16.4 billion searches. Amazing. Speaking of big numbers, we had 114 visitors to the Salve Lucrum blog on Tuesday. We have been posting our link on and had a huge intake of people and had a few start following the blog on If you have not tried it yet I suggest you kill a few minutes there. It’s like Twitter for your portfolio. We have scored on two ideas posted there.

Salve Lucrum


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