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5 November 2010 300 And Counting


5 November 2010 300 And Counting

I really did not notice until I went into the blog this morning, but yesterday was the 300th post in the Salve Lucrum Blog. We will wait a second while the applause die down. There we go. It seems appropriate that we tell what my dopey little survey revealed.

The snapshot of the SL portfolio is marginally helpful and interesting. Fortunately I only do that about once a quarter so I will keep that frequency. If anyone wants to see it just drop me a note.

There was a little more interest in my score card where I tell you how I did on my picks and data point guesses. I think you like it when I show my blemishes, if I had to guess.

The linkage pieces where I try to take a recent news article and use the crystal ball as to what sectors or stocks will benefit or suffer was very popular amongst the readers.

The week ahead segment scored slightly better that my scorecard segments. That tells me that you want to know what I think about the week ahead but you don’t care if I am right or not? Or perhaps you just appreciate that some one accumulating all of the data points into a quick little paragraph of two.

No one had high opinions of the “The Look In The Rear View Mirror. That is where I take a post from a year ago and disclose how close we called the stock pick or sector play. I thought you would appreciate the credibility check, but we guess not. Ok I will not do it UNLESS I really stepped in or have a big bragging right.

Book reviews did not score so well so I will only do that when I feel it has some overwhelming benefit to the audience. Three people did write in they like the wine reviews better than the book reviews. You will probably see more of those. Unfortunately that will require a shift from reading time to drinking time.

This week in Barron’s got mixed reviews. A couple of people thought that Barron’s was book I have been reading. To clarify it is one of the most prestigious financial publications on the market. I receive it every Saturday morning and occasional can’t wait that long and peak at the Kindle Version the night before. It would be hard to publish the blog without referencing Barron’s so it will be quoted and used to give some guidance for the week ahead.

The Stock analysis where we take one or several of your picks and do a fairly complete value and descriptive analysis met with high marks which surprised me since only a handful of people actually send picks in. I will continue to do them as I get them and encourage you to send me some as you run across them.

Basic investing education where we attempt to explain a term, concept, or strategy in brianspeak, not Wall Street jargon also had mixed interest. Know my audience, the people who are in the industry or better versed in economics and investing than I did not find this interesting. Gamers and neophytes appreciated the occasional remedial education. I will ask both sectors of the audience to be patient, but encourage any reader who wants a better explanation of a term or strategy to drop me a personal note or leave a public comment in the blog.

Our photo of the day was the highest rated item on the survey. Unfortunately, I have taken some liberties with non public domain photos and the audience is growing so I am being very cautious about photo rights. I will do my best to keep this entertaining segment of the blog going, but it has become the most difficult and time consuming section, believe it or not.

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