Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16, 2010 200 and counting

BAGAKOAA June 16, 2010 200 and counting

Well last night’s post was the 200th post of The Salve Lucrum Blog, since the middle of October 2009. That is ALMOST one a day. Proof I have no life.

Follow the Linkage

Sorry none today. I was really looking too and again it’s hard to make a separation of 3 links from a piece of news to a good stock play. I read a lot about Boeing tonight thinking I could make a third degree separation from the 737 production increase to their key suppliers to sub supplier or commodities.

No such luck. Here are key suppliers to Boeing who might see a pop because of BA production boost and there are some very sound stocks on the list. Mitsubishi, Kawasaki, Honeywell, General Electric, AZX International Corp., (Private I think), Bridgestone Corp., Cytec Engineered Materials Inc., (Private but keep an eye on them),Deharde-Maschinenbau H. Hoffmann GmbH a German company and no ADR that I could find, and Frontier Electronics Systems Corp., (Private).

The only other linkage, I would have to give Cramer credit for and that is the impact of the banking regulations and how it might make a huge play for Barclay’s and Duetche Bank. That is news not linkage since the Lenin look alike did ten minutes on it last night.

Under the category of "Damn I’m Good", the market did pretty much as we had indicated on Sunday night. We said housing starts would be off. We estimated 600-610M against a forecast of 650,000. The number came in at 593,000 units and much to my surprise by the end of the day, the market took the news with little volatility. We also called the beat by Fedex, ($1.33 vs $1.32) but the CEO had some wet blanket forward looking comments concerning their pension plans to take the stock down.

 Happy news for AAPL holders today. AT&T were beating customer off with a stick today selling more than 600,000 units of the iPhone 4G. It actually crashed (the say they shut it down) their servers. So AT&T can’t hand calls or internet traffic. AAPL was up almost 3% today.

 We did add to our UNG position on a dip early in the day and picked up some more FLS on the 1.2% dip today. Remember to ease into your positions in this WTF market. (Thanks Megan I stole that from you now that I know what it means. For those people who live under the rock with me WTF means What The &*@%)

Since I had no linkage to discuss today I will leave with a nice wine tip. Last night Devin and I enjoyed, well we ate, some meatloaf premade by our grocer who will remains nameless PAVILLIONS. It was far from the best meatloaf I have ever had but scads better than the gasoline fumed stuff my mom used to make. Don’t worry she does not read the blog, she passed in 1992. Anyway I was in the mood for a big cab and have been learning more and more about the Yakima/Walla Walla area of Washington State. I chose a 2003 Woodward Cab and it was incredible. Deep dark black purple in color. Clingy and thick on the glass, almost jammy. (I know, not a word, made it up) On the nose there was a smoky meaty smell, some florals but not exotics more like wild flower type smells kinda like a potpourri type of thing. In the mouth, it had some spice and earthy tones to it as well as the currant dark berry taste you would expect. It was terrific. I’d have to give it a 91. The meat loaf got a 43, but the wine was knock your socks off. If you see it, get it. The 2003 I had to get at auction ( but I will be looking for the vintner from this point forward.

Speaking of auction, yesterday a 1937 bottle of Glenfidich Single Malt went for 37,000 Pound Sterling to an anonymous bidder and I just wanted to say thank you to who ever it was for remembering my birthday next month, July 20th. What a thoughtful gesture.

Salve Lucrum

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